Marcus "DJ Marky G" Graham, is a business man by credentials, but a survivor by life experiences. DJ Marky G is more than a brand; DJ Marky G embodies what living a life without excuses looks like. He believes that making sacrifices for the purpose of growth in all aspects of life will set you up for boundless success. As an entrepreneur, DJ Marky G believes in being self-driven and strategic in order to achieve his goals. His ambition and motivation come from his ability to turn the inevitable pains of life into opportunities for greatness.

With two hands and one voice, DJ Marky G’s super- sonic energy lights up any venue. His time spent at events could be just a few minutes, or several hours, but he is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on any crowd. From the time he was young, he has always had a strong-willed, eager persona that separated him from others. Before DJing became his career, he was the life of the party by nature, and ultimately by default. You could always count on his positive vibes to be dominant in any setting, especially if music was involved. Once he realized how much he enjoyed the art of delicately selecting tunes, mixing, and creating a unique culture in a space, it became a passion he could not ignore. DJ Marky G is a native of Dayton, Ohio, but he has his footprints all over the world. He is currently based in Houston,TX. Traveling and inserting himself into new avenues is one of DJ Marky G’s favorite parts of the work he does.

Versatility is everything, and DJ Marky G’s technique attracts all audiences which keeps him on the rise. He can be rocking his own “DJ Marky G & Friends'' concert in LA, Atlanta, Houston, or NYC; playing at corporate events for Cheetos, Paypal, Puma, or Dutchmasters; or even spotted at some of the hottest clubs like Catch One, Club Spire, Whiskey Mistress, and more. He’s also a part of Core DJ Worldwide and loves connecting with other dope DJs. He inquires about the crowd he will be entertaining and is adamant about preparing his set ahead of time. Once he has set the mood and the vibe has begun to flow, his energy consumes him, and you can watch in amazement how he takes control of the crowd with ease and joy.

At one moment you may catch DJ Marky G hyping up the scene of a club packed wall to wall, and in the next, turn around and catch him inspiring a group of kids. It’s never just music, he’s more than a DJ. DJ Marky G has an infectious spirit that makes anyone want to be a part of his movement.